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Conditions and Procedures

I’m very excited about this current project of mine the Superparanatural Podcast. I’ve only been aspiring to it for a few days now, but I’ve already set up some social media based outlets for this obsession. I’m torn, though, I don’t have much of a direction and the actual podcast portion of it is daunting. How do I get people to watch, or listen, or read. I may have gotten overzealous in my aspirations and paid for services I won’t be needing anytime in the foreseeable future, but I am excited all the same.

Doing research is exciting in itself, but this first installment of the podcast, with it being about cryptozoology and a nascent love of the paranormal has got me almost thrown for a loop. I have loads written, I have a certain grasp on the audio editing program Audacity, which I am using, but then there’s trying to get my writing out there, and people liking the facebook. I think I am really concerned with what my potential audience will view, but even before that, how do I get them to view it all. This at all.

It is only like Day 2 or Day 3, so here comes the rest of today. I’ll be trying to finish recording the podcast, maybe I’;ll post a very raw version of it. I’ll at least post a link to the Podbean site, where it’ll be hosted.