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Let’s Talk About Pseudo-Religion

I had, not an adventure, but a ways of it yesterday. I got up early, at least considering my recent sleep habits, and went – a go-getter a friend’s mother would call me. But it’s more of a, nervous tick, a reaction to being awake again and reality having set in. But today, there was a reason, and someone on some high somewhere, placed this lovely calligrafied sticker in my path.

Today I had my projects on my mind and was on the lookout for something along my everyday life that screamed to me otherworldy, but I hadn’t expected to be entranced by some rando charm and left alone in the sterile room I had to snap a shot, . I did hesitate: should I take the picture? no. but it’s pretty. should i ask? he’s not here. whatever. *snap, snap* and the deed was done. I actually took two pictures but the first one was lopsided.

But then I left, and went to work. And while I was at work, a lull in the phone calls, had me flicking through my photos and lo’ and behold i spy that “Everyday was A Gift.” Did I forget to mention that I managed to take a well-needed, hard earned trip home before I stumbled upon mi Mensaje del Día.

I saw my mommy, and I saw a friend, now taking up residence in my room at my parents house. But it was momentary since I was in a hurry, I grabbed a few materials for my various Superparanatural Productions projects, and I couldn’t stay, but seeing my mother is always cathartic for me and for her. And my nervous day became a calming one.

I’ve never really been over-religious, my mother being raised Catholic if memory serves and I don’t ever recall my father speaking of his upbringing’s Christian denomination, so I couldn’t muse, but I wasn’t brought up in a church. My family did impart to me a belief in God, which I hesitate to use except as a metaphor for something I can’t so easily define.

God is Real. I have no doubt in my mind. But that’s not to say that there aren’t Gods, and Goddesses, and Deities of some sort, for someone, for someones. I’m not very religious, I didn’t have an exact concept of God cemented in Imagination, but my parents did convey to me that everything happens according to some plan, they use “God’s Plan,” which isn’t wrong – I use some unnamed plan with hints and quirks moving me along.

Yesterday, I got told that Everyday Is A Gift. And it was, is, so true.

Hallelujah, Feliz Navidad, Hare Krishna.